Product: Green Vegetable & Kale Soup

Brand: Crosse & Blackwell

Size: 400g

Best Before: May 2020

Batch: TYJH 8149

Due to a labelling error, Crosse & Blackwell is recalling the above mentioned product.

This contains the following allergens: MILK


A very small number of cans - identifiable by the Best Before Date of May 2020 and batch code TYJH 8149 - contain ingredients that are not listed on the label.

If you are allergic to or intolerant of the above, do not consume this product. Instead, return the product to an ASDA store for a full refund.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and for absolute clarity we can reassure you that no other Crosse & Blackwell Soup is affected.

We apologise for and inconvenience caused.

Princes Limited Customer Services
0151 966 7573