Best of British

Our delicious Best of British soup range is made using specially selected produce from farms all across Britain.

lincolnshire leeks

Grown in the rich, fertile soils of the English countryside.

Melton Mowbray stilton

Melton Mowbray stilton from Leicestershire's multi-award-winning Long Clawson Dairy, who have been using the same cheese-making methods for over 100 years.

lincolnshire potatoes

The only potatoes that go into our soups are British. Our Maris Pipers, for instance, are from farms across Lincolnshire.

garden peas

Delicious garden peas from around the English countryside. All the peas in our delicious Pea & Mint soup are grown in Lincolnshire.

wilthshire cured ham

Traditionally cured, succulent ham from Wiltshire.

English parsnips

We only use specially selected parsnips from farms across Norfolk and Suffolk.

cherrywood smoked ham hock

Selected tender cuts of Yorkshire ham, delicately smoked with cherrywood for a subtle, sweet character.