About us

Read on to find out about our Great British roots, and how we've been making food that delights families for generations.

1819: The Beginning

Food manufacturer West and Wyatt is established and hires a certain Edmund Crosse and Thomas Blackwell as apprentices

1829: A Change of Name

The former apprentices purchase West and Wyatt for £600 and change its name to Crosse & Blackwell

1830 - 1930: A Firm Family Favorite

For 100 years Crosse & Blackwell creates the recipes and products which establish the brand as a firm family favourite.

1927: Across the Oceans

Crosse & Blackwell takes its classic British recipes to the U.S.A with the opening of new factories in Baltimore

1960: A change at the top

Crosse & Blackwell is bought by Nestle Group which upheld the brand’s traditions until the early 2000’s when it was purchased by Premier Foods

2011: New Classics

Princes Food & Drink Group acquire Crosse & Blackwell and invest an initial £4 million in the re-launch of this classic brand

2012: New Ideas

Crosse & Blackwell re-launches with a new range of tasty and wholesome foods

2016: Fresh Thinking

Crosse & Blackwell expand on the booming popularity of their soups by extending their Best of British range with delicious new flavours