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Crosse & Blackwell

Our Best of British TV advert

Five British farmers star in our new TV advert which promotes our Good Housekeeping Institute Approved Best of British soups, and showcases the love and care that goes into making some of Britain’s most iconic and high quality foods.

  • Producer loading cheese into a barrowWe source our ingredients from farms across the British countryside to bring you the best quality produce.
  • Farmer pushing barrow full of leeksWe support British farmers by using their quality home-grown produce.

  • Harvesting potatoes from the groundOur farmers lovingly care for each and every ingredient in the Best of British soup range.
  • Farmer pulling carrots in a fieldWe use a selection of seasonal vegetables to bring out the finest flavours in our soups…

  • Farmer pushing barrow at sunset…and work long and hard to provide tasty and nourishing food for your family.
  • Farmers enjoying a meal in a cosy farmhouseOur food is enjoyed every day on dinner tables across Britain.